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23 July 2018CF to revitalize Cameroon banana industry

President and CEO of Compagnie Fruitière Robert Fabre says his company is intent on reviving the banana sector in Cameroon.

23 July 2018China tariffs hit US cherry industry

Shippers are scaling back export volumes, with the tariff rate on Pacific Northwest cherries now totaling 50%.

23 July 2018Viet Nam is land bridge for Thai durian

The combination of improved road infrastructure in the Mekong Basin and quicker customs clearance procedures is facilitating intra-regional trade.

23 July 2018Citrus Canker spreads in Martinique

Five Martinique municipalities are now threatened by the disease, caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas axonopodis, according to local news reports.

20 July 2018Argentina declares pipfruit emergency

The Argentinean Government responds to the ongoing crisis in its apple and pear industry by easing the pressure on producers.

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20 July 2018Samherji takes stake in Eimskip

The Icelandic fishing firm has purchased a 25% stake in the country's oldest shipping company for ISK 11bn (US$102m).

20 July 2018K&N posts profit increase

Swiss 3PL service provider Kuehne + Nagel said that its first-half earnings increased 9.6% to CHF390m and is 'confident and ambitious' entering the second half of the year.

20 July 2018Thai fruit behind Viet Nam fresh success

A report from the ASEAN One-stop-shop Office claims that up to 25% of Vietnamese fresh produce shipped to China is in fact re-exported Thai fruit and vegetables.

19 July 2018Moño Azul troubles revealed

As takeover speculation mounts, numbers released by the Central Bank of Argentina reveal the scale of the topfruit shipper's liabilities.

19 July 2018Spain expects record mango crop

The combination of new plantings coming on stream and good weather means that volume of Europe's only commercial mango crop is up 30% year-on-year.

19 July 2018Produce Alliance warns of lemon shortage

The US company sent an 'extreme market alert' to its customers last week, warning that weather issues had affected lemon supply and was causing shortages.

19 July 2018LatAm builds China avocado trade

China imported 8,800 tonnes, 16,700 tonnes, and 6,700 tonnes of avocadoes from Mexico, Chile and Peru, respectively last year.

18 July 2018Ecuador ships more bananas

Year to end-April volumes were up by 9.3m boxes in absolute terms, with the Port of Guayaquil dramatically increasing its share of exports.

18 July 2018Californian citrus hits forecast

With the Valencia season mid-harvest, at 68m boxes the final seasonal volume of Navel oranges is revealed close to pre-season estimates.

18 July 2018Kenya approves UK potatoes

The approval opens the door for British producers to export to Kenya where potatoes are the second most important food crop after maize.