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19 September 2014Cutrale dismisses Fyffes merger presentation

The Brazilian bidders for Chiquita say the proposed savings and rationale for the merger are “highly dubious”, “misleading” and “underpinned by financial alchemy”.

19 September 2014ASOEX talks up prospects for 2014/15

Chilean exporter association President Ronald Bown says the decline in construction and mining will generate greater availability of labour for the fruit industry.

19 September 2014Canavese doubles ripening capacity

The Marseilles-based importer/distributor has invested €500K in the construction of four new banana ripening rooms that will be able to double annual throughput.

19 September 2014NASS defends ‘bullish’ Californian crop estimates

California Citrus Mutual is the latest of several commodity organizations to say that the National Agricultural Statistics Service projection for their crop was too high.

19 September 2014Fall forecast in Ecuadorian mango crop

Adverse climatic conditions are blamed for a likely 25% reduction in this year’s mango crop, according to Fundación Mango.

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18 September 2014Capespan broadens Asia focus

Capespan Group Limited has acquired a 25% stake in the Good View Group, one of Hong Kong and Macau’s leading diversified fruit and vegetable distributors.

18 September 2014Fyffes equalizes before Cutrale scores

The Irish multinational claims that its merger with Chiquita will give an illustrative share value of 62% more than the initial Cutrale/Safra bid within two years.

18 September 2014Israel blames fall in fresh exports on Russian ban

The Israel Export Institute says Russia’s decision to bar imports of the majority of European fruits and vegetables has sharply reduced Israeli exports to the EU.

18 September 2014Slow end to Australian citrus season

Citrus Australia attributes the lull in demand for Australian fruit to the decision by South African exporters to switch volumes away from the EU and into Asia.

18 September 2014All Lemon claims ISO 9001

The Argentinean All Lemon association was established in 2009 to manage the quality and image of the Argentine citrus for exports.

17 September 2014Cold Train ends intermodal service

The provider of refrigerated intermodal transport from Washington State to the rest of North America cited poor BNSF Railway performance for the decision.

17 September 2014Malagasy litchi shippers eye South African market

Madagascar is anticipating a larger litchi crop this year and needs to develop new markets to manage the excess.

17 September 2014Strong markets and weak Peso save Chilean fruit season

In 2013/14 Chile shipped 304K MT less fruit than it did in 2012/13, with shipments to the EU dropping 21% season-on-season, according to ASOEX data.

17 September 2014Jordan posts rise in fruit exports

Shipments of fruit and vegetables are up 13% year-on-year, according to the country’s Agriculture Ministry.

17 September 2014New Zealand toughens fruit fly stance

Private yachts arriving in Northland from overseas are to face biosecurity scrutiny after two Queensland fruit flies were found in Whangarei earlier this year.