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19 February 2019Del Monte posts full year loss

Despite a year-on-year 10% rise in net sales revenue, the multinational has reported a US$22m loss, driven in part by unusually high asset impairment charges.

19 February 2019Bitter harvest for Spanish lemon industry

Producers in the principal production region of Murcia blame market conditions for one of the most difficult seasons in living memory.

19 February 2019Goatham continues expansion drive

The UK's largest top fruit grower has acquired the 28th farm, taking the total land it farms to 2,830 acres, with a further 2,000 acres farmed by its partner growers.

19 February 2019NZ fruit industry on alert after second fruit fly find

An already weak New Zealand dollar fell further on the news that a second fruit fly has been found in Auckland.

19 February 2019Vietnam ships first mangoes to the US

The first official exports have begun after the US Department of Agriculture gave permission for the import of fresh mangoes in 2017.

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19 February 2019UK retailers stockpile ahead of EU exit

Britons could face shortages of fresh food, price rises and less variety if the country leaves the EU next month without agreeing trade terms, food industry officials say.

18 February 2019Unifrutti raises funds for banana expansion

The multinational says increasing export demand is behind its decision to invest US$19m in the development of new production areas in Mindanao.

18 February 2019Second cocaine find in Brazilian mangoes

A massive 1.5 tonnes of cocaine was found hidden in a consignment of mangoes in a reefer container at the Port of Rotterdam last Wednesday.

18 February 2019Reverse for Indian grape shippers

The export of table grapes to Russia and Sri Lanka has been suspended midway through the season over plant quarantine demands.

18 February 2019Peru to export more citrus

Record shipments of soft citrus are likely to drive Peruvian citrus exports above 200K MT for the first time this season.

18 February 2019Mixed forecast for Argentinean citrus

While fresh lemon production will increase due to good weather, orange and tangerine production has been affected by lower investment in grove management.

18 February 2019NZ industry concerned by fruit fly find

A male Queensland fruit fly has been discovered in the Auckland suburb of Devonport.

18 February 2019Iran ships more fresh produce to Russia

Iran exported US$533m worth of commodities to Russia in 2018, a 36% increase year-on-year, according to the Iranian commercial attache in Russia.

15 February 2019Capespan closes UK office

The South African fruit multinational said structural change in the UK market necessitated Capespan to reshape its infrastructure to service changing needs.

15 February 2019Winfresh hit by customer conversion

Producers in St. Lucia have been affected by a decision to move from conventional Fairtrade bananas to Fairtrade organic, which are not grown on the island.