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24 June 2016Capespan Group CEO to retire

Tonie Fuchs to replace Johan Dique who acknowledges 'recent health challenges' for his decision to step down as CEO of South Africa's largest fruit shipper.

24 June 2016US apple exports plunge

The combination of a strong dollar and a relatively small crop has reduced exports by 32% compared with the record large apple crop of 2014.

24 June 2016Merger creates Australia's largest produce supplier

The merger between fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers LaManna Group and Premier Fruits Group is 'a natural extension of a 10-year JV relationship'.

24 June 2016AP Moeller-Maersk considers break-up

Following the departure of Nils Andersen, new chief executive Soren Skou is to lead strategic review of Danish conglomerate’s structure.

24 June 2016Fake farm names and price cuts lift Tesco

A decision by Tesco to rebrand its fruit, vegetables and meat using fake farm names and cut prices has paid off.

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24 June 2016Jamaica to re-invest in bananas

Jamaica's Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries says it is working to ensure that the local banana industry returns to more prosperous days.

23 June 2016California table grapes to eclipse record

Preliminary estimates from the California Table Grape Commission show the 2016 crop up on last year and beating the record volume established in 2013.

23 June 2016PNW cherries hit by rain

Heavy rain in the US Pacific North West has shaved more than 1m boxes off the 18.3m box mid-season estimate.

23 June 2016Pineapples deployed in superbug battle

Scientists claim that enzymes found in pineapple stems and roots could prove key to developing alternatives to antibiotics.

23 June 2016Spain and Italy dominate EU fruit production

In 2015 the EU had just over 2.3m hectares devoted to the production of fruit and berries and a further 2.1m hectares to the production of vegetables.

23 June 2016Montague expands club variety programme

One of Australia's leading apple growers has launched four new proprietary-grown apples onto the national market.

22 June 2016Seeka claims record volume

The integrated kiwifruit handler has posted a throughput record this packing season, with more than 30m trays handled in New Zealand for the first time.

22 June 2016SA fruit industry fears Brexit impact

Trade agreements with the UK, which is the single largest national market for South African fruit, will need to be renegotiated if Britain exits the EU.

22 June 2016ABARES highlights cherry potential

Australian cherry exports reached a record A$48m in 2014-15, up from A$14m in 2010-11, due to improved growing conditions and increased demand from Asia.

22 June 2016Brazilian orange crop falls

The forecast 14% drop in production is attributed to weather-related problems during blossoming and fruit setting.