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24 April 2014Philippine banana exports lowest in a decade

After peaking in 2011, export volumes dipped in 2012 and then fell significantly in 2013 according to figures published by Sopisco News.

24 April 2014FAO updates banana intelligence

The UNís Food and Agriculture Organisation says the multinationalís shift away from banana production has opened the door to opportunities for other companies.

24 April 2014UK set for record cherry crop

A warm winter prompts British cherry producers to forecast the longest and largest cherry season ever recorded.

24 April 2014Texas expands citrus quarantine

The vast majority of commercial citrus groves now reside in expanded quarantine areas aimed at slowing the spread of a disease decimating citrus production.

24 April 2014Chiquita asks court to dismiss terror suit

The multi-national has asked a federal appeals court to dismiss lawsuits filed by thousands of Colombians whose relatives were killed in a bloody civil war.

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23 April 2014MSC seals Bonita coup

Up to 300,000 boxes of bananas per week are to be shipped from Ecuador to N Cont on a Mediterranean Shipping Company liner service from May.

23 April 2014Copa-Cogeca ups pressure on CBS

The EU lobby claims the high number of interceptions in 2013 demonstrates that South African authorities are incapable of executing effective phytosanitary controls.

23 April 2014Dolefil to grow more pineapples

Dole Philippines Inc. is planning to double the number of plantations in the next five years in order to supply the developing Asian markets.

23 April 2014Polish apples seek new markets

Promotional campaigns are being prepared to target consumers in China and the UAE to help reduce the industryís dependence on the Russian market.

23 April 2014Lombardy reports boom in kiwifruit production

The development of new markets in Russia, the UAE and South Korea is one of the factors that has seen kiwifruit production in northern Italy rise by 35% over 7 years.

22 April 2014Peruvian citrus exports to increase

Total citrus shipments are forecast to rise above 100K MT for the first time in 2014, according to Citrus Producer Association ProCitrus.

22 April 2014Thai joy for Australian fruit shippers

The Australian stonefruit and summerfruit industries have regained access to the Thai market following the release of new import conditions.

22 April 2014SA pipfruit shippers target West Africa

Over the course of the past five years apple shipments from South Africa to West Africa have more than doubled and are likely to double again by 2018.

22 April 2014Gulfport sweats on Chiquita

State port executives and union members are waiting to find out whether the US multi-national plans to stay after its lease expires in July.

22 April 2014Freezing temperatures threaten Dutch fruit

The mid-April cold snap has not only affected U.S. crops, but blossoming crops in Europe as well.