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27 November 2015EP approves Ecuador trade accession

European Parliament members have voted in favour of Ecuador joining its trade agreement with Peru and Colombia, but with conditions on banana imports.

27 November 2015Egyptian demand drives record British potato exports

In 2014-2015 British seed potato exports beyond the EU were up 15.5% on the previous year, to a highest-ever total of 90,000 tonnes.

27 November 2015Pisco Port starts reefer container agro exports

Container line MOL is to offer regular weekly shipping from the southern Peruvian port and projects cost savings of at least US$500 per container.

27 November 2015Mixed season forecast for South African topfruit

While apple exports are forecast to rise in line with production, pear exports are set to fall year-on-year, partly because of the growth in domestic processing demand.

27 November 2015Huge drugs find in Santa Marta

The Narcotics Division of the Colombian National Police has seized 504kgs of cocaine hidden under a false floor in a reefer container carrying bananas.

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26 November 2015Russia ups the ante on Turkish produce imports

Two days after a Russian fighter was shot down by the Turkish Air Force, Russia’s Minister of Agriculture has announced a strengthening of controls on Turkish produce.

26 November 2015NZ forecasts significant fall in avocado yield

The year-on-year 40% reduction in crop volume after a record season in 2014, is blamed on irregular bearing.

26 November 2015Cold Train files amended lawsuit against BNSF

The complaint for damages by the former CEO and a Managing Member details even more significant issues about BNSF actions, which caused Cold Train's demise.

26 November 2015California Navel crop on target

The pre-season estimate of an 86m carton crop is likely to be achieved despite a reduction in grove hectares, due to a high packout percentage for export.

26 November 2015Coquimbo declared fruit fly free

Restrictions on fruit exports have lifted eight months after the outbreak, making Chile the only South American country completely free of the pest.

25 November 2015Reefer boxes continue rapid growth

The number of FFE reefer containers in circulation is forecast to rise to 1.5m by the end of 2018, a 26% increase on the 2014 figure.

25 November 2015ACP banana producers establish BDC

The Cotonou Agreement is set to expire in 2020 and the European Commission is developing a new policy framework to govern relations with the ACP region.

25 November 2015Virginia apples build India profile

In 2014, Virginia exported about apples worth $1.6m to India, up from zero in late 2011, when the US State opened its representative trade office.

25 November 2015Reefer runs aground in the Bosporus

With ships calling into Black Sea ports getting ever larger, authorities are looking into reassessing how ship traffic flows through this congested trade artery.

25 November 2015Qfly found in Perth

The discovery ends Western Australia's time as one of only three states able to declare itself free from Australia's most damaging fruit pest.