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23 March 2018Fruit included in retaliatory tariff measures

China has announced plans for reciprocal tariffs on $3bn of imports from the U.S., with a 15% import duty imposed on all fruit.

23 March 2018Navel orange recovery drives SA citrus projection

Statistics published by South Africa's Citrus Marketing Forum also indicate a rise in grapefruit, soft citrus and lemon volumes.

23 March 2018MOCUPP pinpoints pineapple deforestation

The Land Use Change Monitoring System within Production Landscapes can identify those farms in Costa Rica contributing to illegal deforestation.

23 March 2018Yamaha invests in fruit picker bots

The investment in New Zealand based Robotics Plus means that robots that can pick kiwifruit free of damage and colour sort apples into trays are a step closer to reality.

22 March 2018Greenyard re-jigs German footprint

The Belgian multinational has opened two state-of-the-art DCs in Eitting and Ginsheim-Gustavsburg and closed its Bremen and Neunkirchen facilities.

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22 March 2018AVANZA hails Korean success

Consistent efforts to educate the Korean consumer on the health benefits of New Zealand avocadoes have been rewarded with a season of record returns.

22 March 2018T&G confirms divestment

In addition to selling subsidiary T&G Foods to Cedenco, T&G has sold its small format pouch assets in Nelson and leased its Nelson site to NZ Apple Products.

22 March 2018Washington worries over Trump China tariff threat

About 13% of the PNW state's cherry crop went to China last year, while Hong Kong and China represent the state's fifth largest export market for apples.

22 March 2018Drought warning to Australian fruit boom

A huge expansion of irrigated crops in the Mildura region of the lower Murray is threatening to overtake the water available in the river.

21 March 2018Russia blocks Egyptian potato shipments

Russian agricultural quarantine authorities say two potato shipments have been found to be contaminated with potato brown rot.

21 March 2018Brazil ships fewer melons

In addition to weaker demand from the European Union, production suffered from weather-related problems in the main producing regions in February.

21 March 2018Mozambique reports spread of TR4

The devastating banana disease first confirmed two years ago on the Matanuska plantation in Monapo, has now been identified in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

21 March 2018FWI bananas on recovery course

The return of banana production in Martinique and Guadeloupe coincides with the launch of the Fairtrade label particular to the French West Indies.

21 March 2018Labour shortage threatens Dom Rep bananas

As soon as migrant Haitian labourers are granted permits to work legally, many abandon banana plantations for work in more lucrative tourist-centric regions.

20 March 2018Chile and Peru balk at slow steaming proposal

In a joint letter to the IMO, they say that the trade in avocadoes, cherries and blueberries would suffer from the measure designed to cut carbon emissions.