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16 September 2014Multinationals offer concessions to EU

Chiquita and Fyffes have offered concessions to European Union antitrust regulators to allay concerns that their proposed US$526m merger may reduce competition.

16 September 2014Egypt to increase fresh exports to Russia

Last year, Egypt exported a total of 325,000 tonnes of potatoes and 230,000 tonnes of oranges to Russia.

16 September 2014Dip forecast in Spanish lemon crop

After posting a record crop in 2013/14, preliminary estimates published by industry association AILIMPO predict a 2% fall in volume for 2014/15.

16 September 2014Psyllid find prompts Californian citrus quarantine

A second, non-infected Asian citrus psyllid is trapped in the heart of Kern County, where citrus production is worth US$642m per year.

16 September 2014Tesco launches ‘Surprize’ apple

The newly developed pink-fleshed apple variety is to go on sale in 120 of the British retailer’s stores.

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15 September 2014Sharp rise in China fresh imports

Traditionally a net exporter of fruit and vegetables, mainland fruit imports are up 26% over the past five years to US$4bn last year.

15 September 2014Mozambique banana exports continue upward trends

In 2013 Mozambique exported an estimated 100K MT of bananas with South Africa as the principal export destination.

15 September 2014Savona Port Authority set for Interport acquisition

The sale of the 64% share of the facility held by the GF Group is part of the multinational’s divestment of non-strategic assets.

15 September 2014Conflict halts Druze apple shipments

In 2013 Israeli Druze apple growers were able to sell US$13.6m worth of apples to willing buyers in Syria, despite the bloody conflict there.

15 September 2014Peru fresh exports rise 23%

For the first seven months of 2014 Peruvian fruit exports were valued at US$2.6bn, US$495m more than the corresponding period in 2013.

12 September 2014Russian banana market surges

A reduction in banana imports as a result of high FOB prices in principal supplier Ecuador has led to ex-quay price quotes rising to levels double those of last year.

12 September 2014Brazilian melon crop forecast 20% lower

Lower than average rainfall for the past 3 years has compromised the quantity and quality of melon production in the State of Rio Grande do Norte.

12 September 2014Kekhman faces charges of embezzlement

Founder of bankrupt Russian distributor JFC Vladimir Kehman is accused of embezzling money from the company’s leading creditor Sberbank.

12 September 2014California anticipates smaller Navel crop

Ongoing drought conditions are to blame for a smaller crop of smaller-sized fruit, according to the latest forecasts.

11 September 2014GF Group to divest, re-finance and re-launch

The Italian multinational says shareholders have approved new financial measures and that a new Managing Director is to be appointed.