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24 January 2017Gazzano accused in Orsero investigation

The indictment of the ex GF Group holding company CEO marks an acceleration in the fraud and money-laundering investigations.

24 January 2017APHIS issues stay order on Argentinean lemon entry

Under guidance from the new Trump Administration, the US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service serves notice of a 60-day delay on its final ruling.

24 January 2017US denies entry to Mexican avocadoes

The United States has halted the passage of a cargo of 100 tonnes of avocadoes from the state of Jalisco, forcing a compromise solution in Canada.

24 January 2017Judge stalls on Del Monte bid to halt pineapple sales

A Florida federal judge has ordered the multinational and a Costa Rican company to provide more details about pineapple purchases that Del Monte claims are illegal.

24 January 2017Make Fruit Fair! takes aim at Fyffes

The Make Fruit Fair! Campaign is calling on the Irish multinational to respect the rights of workers in its global supply chains.

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24 January 2017Dominica overcomes Sigatoka threat

The Caribbean island is seeking to resume banana exports to the United Kingdom after a 2-year hiatus caused by an outbreak of Black Sigatoka disease.

23 January 2017Algeria suspends citrus imports

The temporary measure is aimed at protecting domestic production and reducing the 'staggering bill' in hard currency.

23 January 2017Container crisis hits German banks

A report suggests that the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein may have to offer up to €20bn in credit guarantees to prop up banks with bad investments.

23 January 2017Indonesia and Pakistan harmonise citrus calendars

The Indonesian Government has revised its calendar of import quotas, allowing Pakistani exporters to ship kinnow throughout its citrus growing season.

23 January 2017Chiquita to divest Everglades operation

The multinational is to terminate its current marine terminal and office lease and base all of its shipments out of facilities operated by carrier MSC.

23 January 2017Argentina sets 2020 fresh vegetable target

The Province of Buenos Aires is projected to reach 45% of Argentina's horticultural production and generate exports worth US$200m within six years.

20 January 2017Rains boost Israeli avocado crop

Israel is anticipating a 60% increase in avocado production year-on-year, of which approximately 70% will be exported.

20 January 2017Maui Capital offloads Freshmax majority stake

The Freshmax Group is one of the largest fresh produce marketing and distribution operations in the pan-Pacific region.

20 January 2017USDA allocates further funds in Yellow Dragon fight

Since 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has invested more than US$400m in addressing the citrus greening disease.

20 January 2017Uzbekistan builds on fresh export blueprint

Uzbekistan is completing work on the opening of trading houses in India, Germany, Poland, Latvia, the UAE and Belarus as part of its export map expansion.