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18 June 2018Tropic Biosciences joins race to save the Cavendish

Researchers at the UK-based startup are using gene editing techniques to develop a more resilient version of the banana variety after securing US$10m from investors.

18 June 2018Morocco re-jigs citrus subsidy programme

The Agriculture Minister confirms that the 2017/18 season saw Morocco ship 700K MT of citrus to the EU, Russia, North America and also China for the first time.

18 June 2018UAE ban hits India mango exports

India's largest export market for mangoes closed its doors in response to the spread of the Nipah virus.

18 June 2018Weather woes hit French stonefruit

The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that French production of apricots is 14% lower than last year, and 7% below the 2013-2017 average.

15 June 2018Maersk mothballs reefer facility

The US$170m Maersk Container Industry reefer container manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Chile is to close after only three years in operation.

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15 June 2018USDA lifts CBS restrictions

The United States Department of Agriculture is to amend regulations to allow for the importation from areas in South Africa where citrus black spot has been known to occur.

15 June 2018Colombia upgrades avocado estimates

After tripling the value of its exports year-to-date, the Colombian Trade Ministry says it expects the country to ship 50K MT of avocadoes in 2018.

15 June 2018Citrus industry urged to take nuclear option

A major citrus grower in Queensland is calling for all citrus plants within canker control areas in the Northern Territory and Western Australia to be destroyed.

15 June 2018Indonesia fruit ban angers Thailand

Thailand is reported to be preparing retaliatory measures against Indonesia after the latter suspended imports of Thai longan and durian during harvest seasons.

14 June 2018Zespri says Red ready for 2020

Years of red fruit plant development by the kiwifruit marketer were wiped out by the Psa disease epidemic in 2010-2011.

14 June 2018Poor year for US cherries

The forecast released by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistical Service, was down for all areas of the country except the Midwest.

14 June 2018Peru ships record mango volume

Peruvian exports of fresh mangoes in the 2017/2018 season reached 200K MT, up from the previous record of 180K MT in 2016/17.

14 June 2018Guatemala leads C American watermelon exports

Central America shipped a record volume of watermelons in 2017, with the US absorbing 56% of the value.

13 June 2018US topfruit industry battles fire blight

The bacteria that kills apple and pear trees is more widespread throughout Central Washington State this year than during any Spring in recent memory, growers claim.

13 June 2018Sunraysia fruit fly committee disbanded

The region lost its 'pest-free' status in 2014 after fruit fly detections spiralled out of control, two years after the Victorian Government wound back fruit fly programmes.