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25 July 2017Chile ships more table grapes

With 365K MT and a 50% share of the total volume, North America was once again the main destination for Chilean grape exports in 2016/17.

25 July 2017USNW on course for record cherry volume

Producers have shipped an average of 536,392 20-pound boxes daily from July 1-20 this season, compared to 478,338 boxes in 2014 when the record was set.

25 July 2017Cambodia exports first bananas

Cambodia has reached a transit agreement with Vietnam to allow the shipment through to final destination China.

25 July 2017Sharp rise in Barcelona box throughput

The Port of Barcelona benefitted from dockworker strike action in hub ports such as Algeciras to post a 27% year-on-year rise in container throughput.

25 July 2017Zespri moves in to US HQ

The New Zealand kiwifruit marketer is to inaugurate its North American headquarters in Newport Beach on Thursday.

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24 July 2017D-Date for Del Monte Panama project

The first commercial volume of bananas from subsidiary BanapiƱa is due in early 2019, according to the Presidency Of Panama Banana Commission.

24 July 2017Marginal dip forecast for Spanish lemon crop

In 2017/18 Spain will harvest its third highest lemon crop in a decade, double the volume of the 2007/08 seasonal total.

24 July 2017California avocado industry shrinks

Despite strong demand and high pricing, a combination of factors has led to a 21% reduction in the land dedicated to avocado production in less than a decade.

24 July 2017TCP fined US$1m for target miss

The Terminal Cuenca del Plata container terminal in the Port of Montevideo failed to handle an agreed minimum number of containers for the second successive year.

24 July 2017Relief on horizon for Ghana vegetable industry

The European Union is expected to lift the ban on some vegetable exports from Ghana by the end of this year.

21 July 2017Lidl under fire for pineapple pricing

A German TV team is in Costa Rica to investigate whether discounters pay producers a price that reflects the rigid Rainforest Alliance certification conditions they demand.

21 July 2017Mexico opens doors to Argentinean lemons

Industry sources estimate that Argentina will likely ship in the region of 10K MT of lemons per year to Mexico, at an estimated value of US$12m.

21 July 2017Posorja construction begins

Operator DP World is banking on the US$1.2bn Ecuadorian deepwater container port to revolutionise logistics in the world's largest banana exporting nation.

21 July 2017Tasmania apple industry rebounds

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal the value of the state's apple production in the 2015-2016 financial year increased 28% to $45m.

21 July 2017Future bleak for Australian banana industry

State Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne acknowledges that the devastating Panama disease found on a north Queensland banana farm cannot be eradicated.