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21 April 2017Strong start to 2017 for Ecuador bananas

Ecuador’s Minister for Trade Juan Carlos Cassinelli claims the country shipped 10m boxes more in Q1 year-on-year at a 19% increase in FOB value.

21 April 2017Bay of Plenty counts cost of cyclones

The impact of Cyclones Cook and Debbie could be felt for 'years to come' by the Bay of Plenty's avocado and kiwifruit industries.

21 April 2017Flat season for Peruvian table grapes

The 18% year-on-year increase in volume and value in the first three months of 2017 offset a disappointing October through December 2016.

21 April 2017India to ship plantains to Dubai

India's National Research Centre for Banana at Podhavur has entered into an MoU with APEDA for the export of the nendran variety to Dubai.

20 April 2017Italian science claims Psa-V breakthrough

The new seedlings for the new Psa-V resistant 'Green Angel' kiwifruit variety were grown in collaboration with the Venturi Laboratory in Cesena.

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20 April 2017Frutas NACE downsizes

The Argentinean apple and pear producer said that in the absence of a last resort rescue, the company will have to make 40 employees redundant.

20 April 2017Māori make largest kiwifruit investment

Te Tumu Paeroa, in partnership with Quayside Holdings, has announced a NZ$30m investment programme to build 10 kiwifruit orchards on Māori land.

20 April 2017Container trade 'threatens NZ biosecurity'

New Zealand Customs says it continues to intercept thousands of pests and diseases in imported shipping containers.

20 April 2017Mexico targets avocado growth in China

Daxue Consulting suggests the Mexican industry should adopt a similar model to the New Zealand kiwifruit industry to promote and develop the avocado trade.

19 April 2017Peru ships fewer bananas

The volume and value of banana exports in the first three months of the year are down sharply, according to statistics published by AgrodataPeru.

19 April 2017Mersin installs GRASP

The eastern Mediterranean’s leading banana port has installed a new reefer monitoring system to continue meeting Turkey’s import and export volumes.

19 April 2017Growcom quantifies Debbie damage

The peak body for horticulture producers in Queensland said all vegetables in the ground in the Bowen and Whitsunday regions had been lost, at a cost of more than A$100m.

19 April 2017JP invests for domestic market

The JP Tropical Foods Group is investing J$120m (US$1m) in the upgrade of an existing building in Kingston to accommodate new banana ripening rooms.

19 April 2017California confirms lower avocado crop

Pre-season projections of a 50% reduction in the Californian avocado crop are on course to be met.

19 April 2017China demand drives Viet Nam fresh exports

China was the key market for Vietnamese fruits and vegetables in Q1 2017, absorbing over 73% of the country's fresh exports.