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25 August 2016EU stonefruit exports tumble

The volume and value of peaches, nectarines and cherries fell markedly in 2015/16 as a result of the Russian embargo on imports.

25 August 2016Scales Corp posts 3% rise in H1 profits

New Zealand's largest apple shipper raised guidance for annual earnings as its Mr Apple unit delivered a record crop and met its 2020 export target four years early.

25 August 2016Siem Shipping initiates delisting process

Operating as Star Reefers in the reefer segment, the company yesterday formally applied to the Oslo Stock Exchange to be delisted from Oslo Børs.

25 August 2016More is more for Honduran bananas

The Central American banana exporter shipped more fruit at a higher unit cost in the first six months of 2016, benefitting from shortfalls in rival supply.

25 August 2016Guri makes foray into Kenya

An agreement signed between the Kenya's Kiambu county and Israeli company Guri Avocados, will result in a rise in avocado production and exports.

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24 August 2016Fruit smugglers upgrade backdoor Russia route

Smugglers have improved a country road near the Russia-Belarus border in order for EU fruit convoys to be able to bypass Russian customs officials.

24 August 2016Less is more for Spanish fresh exports

Despite a number of headwinds, the value of Spanish fruit and fresh vegetable exports grew 5.3% in the first half of the year, according to Customs data.

24 August 2016Idle boxship numbers rise

The current idle containership fleet is almost three times the 345,916 TEU unemployment figure of a year ago, with smaller tonnage worst affected.

24 August 2016French fresh produce reaches record price levels

The very mild winter, the warmest since 1900, and the equally wet spring were the main causes of the relative fruit and vegetable shortage.

24 August 2016Poland 'cursed' by large apple crop

A record crop of 3.5m MT has left many farmers facing losses in a country that grows roughly a third of all the apples produced in the EU.

23 August 2016Mixed H1 for SIPEF

Despite a 21% fall in net profit year-on-year, the listed Belgian agro-industrial multinational says it will continue planting bananas in the Ivory Coast.

23 August 2016Japan to better protect fresh exports

The Japanese government is preparing to increase protection for intellectual property rights after finding seeds and seedlings had been exported illegally.

23 August 2016Italy stonefruit misery continues

The EU's largest peach and nectarine producer is on course to deliver a second successive reduction in volumes.

23 August 2016NZ consumers face banana rations

Retailers are warning customers of limited banana stocks over the next two weeks as a result of a vessel breakdown en route from Ecuador.

23 August 2016Valais battles to save apricots

The Swiss canton of Valais has launched a new offensive against the suzukii fruit fly that has attacked this year's apricot harvest.