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25 July 2014Star Reefers posts flat Q2

The specialized reefer owner/operator recorded net income of US$3.2m on lower revenue and capacity utilization.

25 July 2014Chiquita lawsuits dismissed

More than 4,000 Colombians had sought to hold the multinational liable for the deaths of relatives killed in their country's bloody civil war.

25 July 2014New rules for Italian kiwifruit

Italian kiwifruit producers are urged to abide by two industry-wide measures that will lift both the fruit quality and the perception of quality among customers.

25 July 2014Panama non-traditionals take a tumble

The export value of melons, watermelons and pineapples all register year-on-year falls according to industry body Gantrap.

24 July 2014Kiwifruit growers warned of lower returns

Rapidly increasing gold kiwifruit volumes will mean falling per tray returns for growers, warns Zespri CEO Lain Jager.

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24 July 2014Chilean grape exports fall 12%

According to information service provider Decofrut the final seasonal volume was only 2% off its revised January forecast.

24 July 2014Bangladeshi potato exports treble

Potato exports have continued to rise since 2009-10, mainly to cater to the demands of Bangladeshi migrants in Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.

24 July 2014Chile ships more fruit to Asia

Despite the significant fall in production Chilean fruit exports to Asia rose 2% according to Agriculture Ministry statistics.

23 July 2014Rammasun hurts Asian Citrus

China’s largest orange producer says Typhoon Rammasun has had a significant impact on its business in China.

23 July 2014India to import onions

India is to import 40K MT of onions from Pakistan, China, Iran and Egypt as it seeks to prevent another price spike in the politically sensitive commodity.

23 July 2014South Africa ups ante on CBS

The country’s Trade Minister says he suspects the EU's stance is motivated more by protectionist tendencies than concerns over the fungus spreading to groves.

23 July 2014CRA reveals Psa research

Italy’s Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture claims that while it may not be possible to find a cure for the kiwifruit disease, Psa can be ‘accommodated’.

23 July 2014Total Produce adds own pineapples to TOP brand

The preferred distributor of Fyffes’ tropical product range across Europe is to start marketing its own branded pineapples from Costa Rica this summer.

22 July 2014Siter appoints Administrator

The transport company subsidiary of the Italian multinational GF Group appoints an Administrator with a view to ceasing operations.

22 July 2014New Zealand amends seasonal worker scheme

The news was welcomed by the country’s kiwifruit industry, which estimates it will be producing 40% more fruit within 4 years.