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21 May 2019Bananalink bemoans Lidl's lack of courage

The NGO says the German discounter should have the courage of its convictions and carry through with its commitment to develop Fairtrade throughout its stores.

21 May 2019Mexico lifts retaliatory tariff on US apples

Mexico has announced the lifting of 20% tariffs on U.S. apples, after the U.S. announced the end of tariffs on Mexican and Canadian steel and aluminum.

21 May 2019South African apple exports tipped to rise 100K MT

Following the drought, the production of apples and pears in South Africa is not expected to return to normal production levels until next season.

21 May 2019Scales Corp forecasts benefit from reconfiguration

The company that owns New Zealand's largest apple concern Mr Apple says full-year operating earnings from its reshaped business may rise as much as 13%.

21 May 2019Morrison's pioneers end of plastic in produce

The retailer becomes the first British supermarket to offer plastic-free fruit and vegetables in a bid to cut down on waste.

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21 May 2019Coles launches 'I'm Perfect' campaign

The Australian retailer belatedly follows rival Woolworths by starting to discount its perfectly edible, but slightly ugly fruit in a bid to reduce waste.

20 May 2019More is less for South African citrus industry

Despite shipping record volumes in 2018, the average return achieved from all four citrus sectors was lower than in 2017, appreciably so for lemons and soft citrus.

20 May 2019Lidl rows back on Fairtrade bananas

The German discount chain finds that customers are not prepared to pay the extra charge for fairtrade fruit and has reorganized the category.

20 May 2019Fyffes rolls out eco-friendly label

Based on estimates, the switch from plastic bags at point-of-sale to a fully recyclable paper band will result in a reduction of 5.7 tonnes of plastic per annum.

20 May 2019M&M reaps benefits of grape investment

Backed by its development of table grape production, Indian conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra has become the country's largest fruit company.

20 May 2019Peruvian avocadoes broaden Asia reach

Phytosanitary clearance means that Peruvian Hass avocadoes can now access Thailand as well as Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia.

17 May 2019Hortgro demands urgent action after fruit farmer death

Following a spate of 'violent and barbaric' attacks on fruit farmers, the South African deciduous fruit industry body has called for better state protection.

17 May 2019MSC pioneers Uruguay citrus to the US via Chile

Shipping the citrus through the Chilean Port of San Antonio will save Uruguayan exporters an estimated 8 days on the voyage.

17 May 2019EU absorbs record volume of Indian grapes

The Netherlands, UK and Germany accounted for 90% of Indian grape exports to Europe in 2018/19.

17 May 2019State backs TKG kiwifruit project

A proposed kiwifruit development in the Eastern Bay of Plenty is to benefit from the Government's Provincial Growth Fund, with funding of up to NZ$13m.