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19 August 2019Reefer Trends takes a break

The Reefer Trends web news and bulletin services are offline and will resume on Tuesday 27 August.

16 August 2019Energrow plans GBP£20m strawberry farm

The facility at Rosyth in Scotland will produce premium quality strawberries throughout the year in a controlled environment.

16 August 2019Portugal to end plastic packaging on fruit

The ban on plastic packaging on foods such as bread, fruits and vegetables in shops selling these groceries enters into force in June 2023.

16 August 2019Coopesitraco rises from ashes of Dole workshop

The cooperative constituted in March by 124 workers dismissed by Dole's Costa Rican subsidiary Standard Fruit will maintain reefer containers for the multinational.

16 August 2019Asian markets drive rise in air freight fresh cargo

While the volume of electronics is falling, air freight shipments of fresh produce are rising by roughly the same amount.

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16 August 2019Citrus growers reject 'unjustifiable' purchase price

Pakistan's kinnow producers say that the revised offer is 30% lower than last year's value, while the cost of crop inputs has risen.

15 August 2019Citronex doubles Romania investment

The plans for a second banana ripening centre include expansion into the Hungarian, Bulgarian and German markets.

15 August 2019Maersk Q2 beats expectations

Increases in freight rates along with maturity of network enhancements in connection with the integration of Hamburg Süd drove the improvement in the Ocean profitability.

15 August 2019Containerisation comes to Gisborne

A new state-of-the-art coolstore facility at Eastland Port in Gisborne means the container export of kiwifruit is a step closer for the New Zealand region.

15 August 2019Colombian pineapple volume tops 1m MT

According to data provided by the Hortifrutícola Association of Colombia, between 2014 and 2018 pineapple production has grown at an annual rate of 12%.

15 August 2019Reybanpac receives IESS award

Ecuador's second largest banana exporter has been honoured by the country's Institute of Social Security for 'good business practices'.

14 August 2019China fruit trade balance worsens

In the first six months of 2019 the value of China's fruit imports increased 27% while the value of exports fell 21%.

14 August 2019PBN allocated further US$1.5m

Pear Bureau Northwest has now received a total of $2.1m in funding to offset the impacts that the industry has faced due to retaliatory tariffs in China.

14 August 2019C America posts rise in vegetable exports

The volume and value of fresh vegetable shipments grew 10% and 11% respectively in 2018, with Guatemala and Honduras the leading exporters.

14 August 2019UK struggles with brassica shortage

Heavy rainfall in June destroyed crops in Lincolnshire, while alternative European supplies wilted in last month's heatwave.